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Entrepreneur Development


Products and Services Quality Enhancement Programme (Groom Big) is implemented to nurture, groom and develop entrepreneurs to become competitive, resilient and sustainable SMEs in domestic and global markets. Three (3) aspects of the programme:

  • Product Development - R&D, Optimisation Process, Branding & Packaging, Best Practises in Halal, Certification of HACCP/ GMP/ ISO etc;
  • Capacity Building – Injection of knowledge on business management, business development, business financial plan etc; and
  • Marketing & Promotion Programme – To market SMEs products and services in domestic and export markets.


BPU, MITI leads the Promotion, Marketing and Entrepreneurial Development Cluster: 

  • To formulate action plan for the implementation of promotion and marketing strategies for products and services;
  • To monitor performance  and enhance the implementation of promotion and marketing programmes for products and services; and
  • To assist in market expansion at domestic and international levels for products and services through activities such as Showcase SDSI.



VDP aims to develop SME entrepreneurs to become competitive suppliers and manufacturers of component/services at domestic and global markets:

  • To identify anchor companies for Vendor Development Programme (VDP);
  • To monitor performance of vendor companies developed by the anchor companies;
  • To act as Central Monitoring Unit for VDP implementation; and
  • To engage Strategic Partnership with TERAJU in VDP.

Download : Garis Panduan Program Pembangunan Vendor


Outreach Programme aims to disseminate information on the facilities / incentives provided by the Ministries and Agencies to entrepreneurs such as:

  • State Government
  • Associations/Chamber of Commerce
  • NGO
  • Entrepreneurial Training Institute
  • Regional Economic Development Corridor
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Financial Institutions



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