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Industry4WRD Readiness Assessment for Manufacturers

Industry4WRD Readiness Assessment for Manufacturers
Online Application

Part 1 of 4

Format: yyyy-mm-dd (e.g. 2009-10-31)
Name as per IC
Please put “N/A” if your company does not have a website.






Part 2 of 4





Part 3 of 4

1. Which of the following technology or solution is adopted by your company currently? (please check where applicable)
















Part 4 of 4

2. There are two types of incentives available for companies to undertake Industry4WRD RA:
i. Government-funded Industry4WRD RA (only available for SMEs); and ii. Tax deduction on expenditure of Industry4WRD RA fees of up to RM27,000.




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