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About Strategic Trade Secretariat

MITI has established a Strategic Trade Secretariat (STS) on 1 August 2010 to coordinate the implementation of the Strategic Trade Act (STA) 2010. 

STS is led by a Strategic Trade Controller to perform functions that include: 

  • to control and monitor the issuance of export/ transit / tranship permits and/or broker certificates and the use of strategic items and related matters; 
  •  to provide advice to the Minister and the Government on matters relating to the STA 2010 and the development thereof and the implications of such developments for Malaysia; 
  •  to establish, maintain and develop cooperation with other organizations relating to strategic trade;
  • to implement the obligations arising from agreements, conventions or treaties relating to strategic trade to which Malaysia is a party where such agreements, conventions or treaties related to the STA 2010; and 
  • to implement, coordinate and ensure the development and growth of the industry sectors in Malaysia to grow in line with the Industrial Policies and the provisions of the acts and rules and regulations. 

Any query pertaining to export control matters are to be referred to STS at 

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