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Bumiputera Entrepreneurship & SME Division (BES) was established in May 2009, since the dissolution of the Ministry of Entrepreneur & Cooperative Development (MeCD).


Objectives of BES

  • To lead the formulation and implementation of Bumiputera entrepreneurship development policies, programme and activities in the manufacturing and services sectors; and
  • To provide a conducive environment to promote the development of quality, vibrant, resilient and competitive entrepreneurs both domestically and internationally.


Role of BES

  • To formulate and implement policy and programmes for Bumiputera entrepreneurship development;
  • To inculcate capable Bumiputera entrepreneurs to compete locally and globally both in manufacturing and services sectors;
  • To coordinate and monitor the policy development and the implementation of Bumiputera entrepreneurship development programmes in MITI and its agencies, both in upstream and downstream activities;
  • To increase Bumiputera shareholding equity in the capital market through the allocation of Bumiputera Special Shares; and
  • To develop a database for Bumiputera entrepreneurs.




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