National Investment Aspirations to guide the New Investment Policy

The development of the New Investment Policy is critical in ensuring Malaysia remains a competitive destination for high-value investments which can deliver sustainable and holistic economic growth. By anchoring on a clear set of national priorities such as the National Investment Aspirations, the New Investment Policy ensures key changes are implemented to strengthen Malaysia’s foundations to develop new and existing high-value growth ecosystems, whilst ensuring future policies and investments are targeted at delivering maximum mutual value to investors and the nation alike

Increase Economic Complexity
Create High-Value Job Opportunities
Extend Domestic Linkages
Develop New & Existing Economic Clusters

Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Kedah


ESG as a key overarching theme for the National Investment Aspirations

A key priority for the New Investment Policy involves introducing initiatives targeted at strengthening Malaysia’s foundations in adopting enhanced ESG standards, in-line with global megatrends. This includes ensuring that clear actions plans are created to cascade National-level targets, such as achieving Net Zero earliest by 2050, into actionable milestones for the rest of ecosystem which are closely monitored through a whole-of-ecosystem accountability mechanism. Furthermore, is exploring mechanisms to strengthen the ESG reporting practices of companies and to incentivise companies to embed ESG practices within their business.

Key highlights of Malaysia’s ESG progress

Six strategic thrusts to drive the National Investment Aspirations

Six strategic thrusts have been defined to achieve these target outcomes, and, by extension, NIA ambitions. The strategic thrusts aim to address a number of systemic challenges hindering investments, as identified through extensive consultation with stakeholders and detailed analysis of the challenges. The six strategic thrusts provide a foundation for the overarching strategy to strengthen Malaysia’s investment ecosystem

Unified Investment strategy to laser focused delivery on NIA and ESG

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Agile and forward-looking incentive packages that
meet needs of investors

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IPA landscape with clear roles and responsibilities for A simplified investor journey

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Accelerated innovation ecosystem to nurture high quality investments

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Vibrant talent pool that meets needs of labour market

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Streamlined business environment for improved ease of doing business

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Our local champions share a similar commitment to ESG

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