This section deep-dives on the national-level priorities which intends to cascade the target outcomes for each of the National Investment Aspirations (NIA) pillars into specific national-level initiatives across each Strategic Thrust. These are overarching initiatives which addresses pertinent challenges which are relevant across all sectors.

National Investment Aspirations

as critical anchor for the New Investment Policy


Target Outcomes

defined for each NIA to track outcomes

Strategic thrusts

aligned to delivery of NIA

National-level initiatives

that addresses challenges to NIA

Varying Importance and relevance by sector


Investment Opportunities

alligned to delivery of NIA and right-to-win

Strategic thrusts

to address sector-specific challenges

Sector-specific initiatives

that addresses challenges to NIA

Strategic Thrusts

Based on the six strategic thrusts,  22 national-level initiatives will drive Malaysia towards achieving the investment aspirations.

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Unified Investment strategy to laser focused delivery on NIA and ESG


Agile and forward-looking incentive packages that meets needs of investors


IPA landscape with clear roles and responsibilities for simplified investor journey


Accelerated innovation ecosystem to nurture high quality investments


Vibrant talent
pool that meets
needs of labour


Streamlined business environment for improved ease of doing business