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MITI's Portal



ASEAN-Australia - New Zealand - Free trade Area. The Agreement was signed on 27 February 2009 in Thailand. It entered into force on 1 January 2010. [read more]


APEC Business Advisory Council - provides business-specific advice to APEC Leaders on implementation of the Osaka Action Agenda (OAA), trade and investment liberalization and facilitation (TILF), economic and technical cooperation (ECOTECH), ... [read more]


Automotive Business Development Committee – chaired by MITI and discusses incentive applications under the Multi Sourcing Parts Progamme(MSP) and Industrial Linkage Programme (ILP) schemes for the automotive industry.  [read more]


APEC Business Travel Card - allows business travelers pre-cleared, facilitated short-term entry to participating member economies. Card holders benefit from faster immigration processing on arrival via access to fast-track entry and exit ... [read more]


Measure which allows for the consolidation of goods originating in a Member State in the finished goods of the latter Member State for the purpose of preferential treatment. [read more]


ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement  [read more]


The ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement [read more]


Automotive Dialogue - serves as a forum for APEC member economy officials and senior industry representatives to work together to map out strategies for increasing the integration and development of the automotive sector within the region. ... [read more]

Ad Valorem Tariff (AVE)

An ad valorem duty is expressed in percentage terms, for example, a duty of 20% on the value of automotive components. Duty or other charges levied on an item on the basis of its value and not on the basis of its quantity, size, weight, or other ... [read more]

Additive Manufacturing

Technologies that build 3D objects by adding layer-upon-layer of material, whether the material is plastic, metal or concrete.  [read more]

Advanced Materials

New materials and modifications to existing materials to obtain superior performance in one or more characteristics that are critical for the application under consideration. [read more]


ASEAN Economic Community  - Is one of the three main pillars for the establishment of the ASEAN Community 2015 and future economic  integration. [read more]


APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting – the annual meeting of the Leaders of the member economies, at which the policy agenda is set for APEC. Leaders consider proposals and recommendations from Senior Officials’ Meetings (SOM), ... [read more]


ASEAN Economic Ministers [read more]


ASEAN Economic Ministers - The AEM includes ten ASEAN Member States Economic Ministers. The AEM meets twice a year. [read more]