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Legal Advisor's Office

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  1. Provide legal advice to MITI and agencies under MITI such as MIDA, MATRADE, MPC and SME Corp, MIDF and HDC;

  2. Assist in the interpretation of laws related to MITI and agencies under MITI in accordance with the Federal Constitution, laws under MITI's jurisdiction or any other written laws when required by MITI;

  3. Provide legal advice to MITI on implementation on various international instruments to which Malaysia has become a party to;

  4. Draft or vet legal notices, agreements, memorandum of understanding and any legal documents, to which MITI and/or agencies under MITI is a party to ensure that the interest of MITI and/or agencies under MITI is protected;

  5. Attend meetings and negotiations at ministerial level, Attorney General's Chambers Office and at international level in particular where there may be legal issues and to provide legal advice on matters discussed to ensure that any policy decision made by MITI and/or agencies under MITI is in accordance with the law;

  6. Provide advice on matters in which MITI intends to regulate and prepare draft bills on such matters, if any, to reflect the policy decisions as may be made by MITI and/or agencies under MITI and to submit the draft bills to the Parliamentary Draftsman for approval;

  7. Conduct research or studies on legal matters as and when required by MITI and/or agencies under MITI;

  8. To attend Parliament sitting and to report on any legal issues arising;and

  9. To conduct civil cases.

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