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FAQ - Complaints


1. What type of complaint can be lodged with MITI?

Any complaint related to action taken / decisions made by MITI and its agencies, that are deemed to be discriminatory, unjust and against the principle of law.

2. Is there any fee imposed for making complaints?

Free of charge.

3. Can I lodge a complaint on behalf of the complainant?

Yes, with the complainant's consent.

4. Can I lodge a complaint without specifying my name?

Yes, if the complaint is of public interest such as abuse of power, etc.

5. Complaint Categories and Agencies under MITI

  • Delays or No Action

  • Unfair Action

  • Inadequacies of Policy Implementation and Law

  • Abuses of Power / Fraud

  • Misconduct of Civil Servants

  • Failure to Adhere To Set Procedures

  • Unsatisfactory Quality of Service Provided Including the Counter And Phone

  • Failure to Enforce Regulations/ Laws

  • Miscellaneous Complaint

6. How to file a complaint?

  • Lodge a complaint at the counter (MITI / Agencies)

  • By phone

  • By mail

  • By fax

  • MITI website / facebook / twitter

  • During programmes hosted by MITI / Agencies

7. What information do I need to include in my complaint?

Please include the complainant's name, full address, contact number and complete details of the complaint.

8. What will happen to my complaint?

  • MITI will send a letter of acceptance to the complainant.

  • MITI will investigate the complaint.

  • Inform the status to the complainant.

  • Meeting to be held, if necessary.

  • Inform the complainant on actions taken.

9. How long does it take for MITI to investigate?

According to MITI's Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), all complaint must be settled within 15 working days.

However, it depends on the complexity of the case. A complicated complaint may require a longer period.

10. Agencies under MITI?



  • MIDA

  • MIDF

  • MPC

  • SME Corp

  • HDC

  • MAI

  • MSI

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