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   About MITI

Management Services Division

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Administration Division

  1. To coordinate answers for Parliamentary and Cabinet decisions;

  2. To manage the Ministry’s daily administrative matters;

  3. To prepare and provide logistical support for the Ministry’s events and functions;

  4. To plan and implement quality and innovation programs;

  5. To supervise matters related to office security and to implement safety and security measures;

  6. To manage matters related to office equipments and vehicles;

  7. To manage the Digital Document Management System.

Human Resource Management Division

  1. To plan, formulate, implement and monitor MITI Human Resources Strategic Plan in tandem with MITI objectives, mission and vision.

  2. To manage MITI restructuring and organisational enhancement.

  3. To manage job placement, exchange and rotation.

  4. To manage training and capacity building of personnel.

  5. To offer counselling and related services.

  6. To handle MITI overseas officers services related matters.

  7. To monitor  utilization and performance implementation of the Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) in MITI.

  8. To act as a secretariat to the MITI Human Resources Development Panel.

  9. To create cooperation relationship and strategic alliance among other government agencies and selected organization towards improving MITI human resource development

Accounts Division

  1. To ensure all payments are processed within 3 working days upon receiving the complete documentation;

  2. To ensure MITI officials monthly salary is paid on the date specified by the Accountant General’s Office;

  3. To account for all payments received and to produce the compulsory official receipt;

  4. To manage all subsidiary accounts - computer loans, advances, trust accounts, imprest accounts and deposit accounts;

  5. To carry out inspection of expenses, collection and verification of assets on Responsibility Centers (PTJ)/Collector Centers (Pusat Pemungut) in compliance with financial regulations;

  6. To prepare an accurate and complete Financial Statement for MITI based on government policies and accounting standards;

  7. To carry out accounting training and provide consultancy in accounts management and finance.

Knowledge Management And Digital Information Division

  1. To Manage and provide access to information and library collections.

    • Locate and execute the procurement of library collection.

    • Provide library collection for loan and reference.

  2. To elevate knowledge and reading culture among MITIans.

    • Plan and execute reading programs and activities.

  3. To execute the digital initiatives for the development of digital information content and publications of the organization.

    • Provide documentation and collection materials for the development of digital content.

  4. Implement  the strategic partnership between MITI and Agencies through the library’s online databases.

    • Providing access and sharing in the use of the KM@MITI and MyGallery@MITI online databases.

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