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   About MITI


MITI Integrity Unit was established on December 9th, 2013 but the unit was only began its operation on January 2nd 2014. MITI was rated as a less risky organization by MACC and classed in the B Group. Civil Service Department approved seven (7) posts as designated in the warrant by the Ministry of Finance on November 15, 2013. The unit is headed by an Administrative and Diplomatic Officer Grade M52.

The unit function as a focal point in managing issues related to integrity in MITI;

It is also responsible in implementing six (6) core functions as follows :


  1. Good Governance

To ensure the implementation of good governance in MITI

  1. Integrity Enrichment

To inculcate, institutionalise and implement the concept of integrity in MITI.

  1. Identification and verification

To identify and verify complaints related to criminal misconduct,violations of  code of conduct and ethics in MITI, and ensure appropriate actions are taken.

To report criminal misconduct to the relevant enforcement agencies.

  1. Complaints management

To receive and provide response to all complaints and information concerning criminal misconduct and violation of ethics in MITI.

  1. Compliance

To ensure laws and regulations are enforced and complied with.

  1. Discipline

To function as the secretariat of the Disciplinary Board.

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