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Declaration of HS Code 2012 in the ATIGA Certificate of Origin (COO - ATIGA Form D)

Please be informed that during 24th Sub-Committee on ATIGA Rules of Origin (SC-AROO) Meeting on 12 - 13 June 2017, all ASEAN Member States (AMS) agreed that while the Product Specific Rules (PSRs) transposition from HS 2012 to HS 2017 is on-going, AMSs who implemented HS 2017 can choose between the two options:

  1. to indicate the HS 2012 in bracket when issuing the Form D to the importing countries who still implement HS 2012;  or
  2. to issue the Form D in HS 2012 or HS 2017 to the importing countries who implemented HS 2012 and HS 2017, respectively.

In this regards, Malaysia will use option (i) as above.  Thus, all applications for ATIGA Form D should indicate the following information with immediate effect:

  1. Importing Country HS Code (based on importer’s advice); and
  2. Importing HS 2012 in Box 7.  As a reference, the company may use HS code approved for Finished Product in the Cost Analysis before 1st April 2017.  Print screen of the ATIGA Form D as follow:

Starting from 7th August 2017, only the Importing HS Code will be appearing in the ATIGA Certificate of Origin (COO).  Please contact the following officers of ATIGA (UNIT FTA IV) for more clarification:

Last Updated 2017-09-14 10:14:12 by Azuna Hasbullah atau Abd Rahman

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