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Safeguards Measure

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Safeguards measure is an emergency measure in the event of increased imports of a particular product, when such imports have caused or threaten to cause serious injury to the domestic industry of the importing country.

It is a temporary measure designed to curb imports and facilitate adjustment of particular industry to be more competitive.

Safeguards measure can take the form of quantitative restrictions or tariff above the bound level.

The following three criteria must be demonstrated in order to impose safeguards measure:

  • Surge of imports, relative or absolute;
  • The domestic industry producing the like product in the importing country is suffering serious injury or threat thereof; and
  • There is a causal link between the surge of imports and the serious injury


Safeguards must be applied on non-selective basis. The measure must be progressively liberalized during the period of application.

The WTO Agreement on Safeguards contains detailed procedural requirements on a number of issues, which are applicable at different stages of the safeguard proceeding. For further information, kindly log on to

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