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Guidelines of Importation Under The Category of Expatriate

Expatriate with a valid working pass/permit is eligible to import a personal vehicle that has been registered under his/her name in the country of last domicile before Malaysia. The approval is subject to the following conditions :

  1. the vehicle shall be registered under the name of applicant;

  2. the vehicle is not for sale or transferable; and

  3. the vehicle has to be re-exported upon termination of work employment in Malaysia.

The following is the checklist for AP application for expatriate.

  1. covering letter/ Application letter;

  2. JK69 form (Complete with typing);

  3. applicant's documents:

    • Passport and Malaysia 's Visa 

    • Appointment letter of working in Malaysia

    • International or Malaysia driving licenses

  4. vehicle Information:

    • registration on applicant's name

    • insurance coverage on applicant's name

  5. certified translation (if not in Malay / English)


Last Updated 2017-04-19 11:56:36 by Azuna Hasbullah atau Abd Rahman

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