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Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin (NPCO)

What is a Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin?

A Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin (NPCO) is a trade document that helps to identify the origin of the good.

Who can issue Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin?

Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin (NPCO) Ordinary COs are issued by Chambers and Associations authorized by Ministry of International Trade & Industry, Malaysia. List of Chambers and Associations are as follows:-

Procedures For Application And Certification Of NPCO (For Manufacturers and Traders)

  1. Eligible company:

    • Manufacturers or traders registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).
  2. Product which meets rules of origin:

    • Manufactured in Malaysia and used 100% local materials; or
    • Manufactured in Malaysia through transformation process which alters tariff code classification at six (6) digit level; or
    • Contains at least 25% local materials.
  3. Application for NPCOs

    • Manufacturers or traders are required to submit Statutory Declaration Letter yearly to chambers/ trade associations.
    • Submit completed Statutory Declaration Letter to the chambers of commerce/trade association and attach the following documents:
      • Manufacturer:

        1. Company's registration certificate, business license/ manufacturer's license
        2. Sample/picture/catalogue (if needed)
      • Exporter/trader:

        1. Company's registration certificate
        2. Certification from manufaturer for its manufactured product
        3. Sample/picture/catalogue (if needed)
  4. Application for Endorsement of NPCOs

    • Submit a complete NPCO form to the chambers of commerce/trade associations and attach following documents:

      • Documents required (before exporting):

        1. Sales Invoice
        2. Packing List
      • Documents required (after exporting):

        1. Sales Invoice
        2. Packing List
        3. Bill of Lading
        4. Customs Declaration Form (K2)
      • Checklist for Application of Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin Endorsement - Attachment IV.doc 
  5. Work flow of endorsing NPCO by the chambers/trade associations

    • Receive completed NPCOs application.
    • Check and verify the information in the application form with attached supporting documents.
    • Ensure the information provided in the NPCO is parallel with the information in supporting documents.
    • Endorse/reject application
    • Return NPCO to the applicant.
    • Flow Chart of Work Processing for Endorsement of Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin - Attachment V.doc 

    Kindly refer to Business Chambers and Association authorized by MITI.

Procedures For Qualification As An Issuer Of NPCO (For Chambers and Association)

  1. Qualification criteria of chamber of commerce as an issuer of NPCO

    • Appointed by Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).
    • Legally registered under The Registrar of Associations and is not dormant.
    • Membership must not be less than 150 (including members at branch office).
    • Fee charged must not exceed the ceiling rate determined by MITI.
    • Sufficient number of staff, office space and equipment for issuing NPCOs.
  2. Appointment of chambers of commerce / trade association as NPCO issuer

    • Chambers / trade associations and branch offices appointed by MITI are allowed to issue NPCOs.
    • Processing and endorsement of NPCOs must be made by permanent staff appointed by the chamber of commerce/trade associations. Third party or appointments of individual among committee members are not allowed.
    • Validity period given to the chambers of commerce/trade association to issue NPCOs is three (3) years from the date of appointment. MITI will review the chamber of commerce/trade association, including appointment of the branch offices once in every three (3) years.
    • MITI will terminate the appointment of chamber of commerce/trade association if the guidelines are not adhered to or incapable of issuing NPCOs.
  3. Responsibility of chambers of commerce/trade associations

    • Submit specimen signatures of appointed staff that are authorized to sign NPCOs to MITI.
    • Using a standardized NPCO format issued MITI. The chamber of commerce/trade associations are given a period of six (6) months from the date of appointment to change NPCO form into a new format.
    • Submit a monthly report to MITI within six (6) months after the appointment. Subsequently, a quarterly report must be submitted to MITI.
    • Keeping a record of NPCOs for five (5) years for the review and verification process.
    • Inform MITI or MITI branches within seven (7) days period if any company/applicant involved in fraudulent act.
    • NPCOs must not be issued to companies that submitted incomplete information.
    • Responsible for every NPCOs issued if there are any problems or cases reported by other parties.
    • Abide to all provisions under the guidelines.
  4. Penalty on chambers of commerce/trade associations and companies not adhering to the guidelines

    • Chambers of commerce/trade association which do not adhere to the guidelines:

      1. First offence – Warning
      2. Second offence- Suspend at least six (6) months
      3. Third offence - Termination of appointment
    • Among the offences that MITI can take action are:

      1. Not adhering to the guidelines in undertaking the processing and issuance of NPCOs;
      2. Appointment of a third party as an issuing authority of NPCOs; and
      3. Do not keep record on NPCOs as stipulated in the guidelines.
    • Company which involved in fraudulent act will be blacklisted for one (1) year by MITI. MITI will inform all chambers of commerce/trade associations on the particular blacklisted company information.

  5. Guidelines on Issuance of Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin



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