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Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, & Viet Nam [read more]


Change in HS Tariff Chapter – 2 digit level. [read more]


Change in HS Tariff Heading – 4 digit level. [read more]


Change in HS Tariff Sub-heading – 6 digit level. [read more]

Cabotage Policy

The cabotage policy is a policy that governs the transport/shipping of goods or passengers between two places along coastal routes in the same country by a transport operator from another country, practiced by many nations worldwide including ... [read more]

Capital Account

The capital account is the net result of public and private international investments flowing in and out of a country. The capital account includes foreign direct investment (FDI), portfolio and other investments, plus changes in ... [read more]

Capital Account Deficit

A deficit in the capital account means money is flowing out more than flowing into the country, and it suggests the nation is increasing its ownership of foreign assets. (The capital account balance of Malaysia is always ... [read more]

Capital Account Surplus

A surplus in the capital account means money is flowing into the country more than flowing out, and the inbound flows effectively represent borrowings or sales of assets.  [read more]

Capital Intensive

Describes an industry or sector of the economy that relies relatively heavily on inputs of capital, usually relative to labor, compared to other industries or sectors. [read more]


Getting around commitments in the WTO such as commitments to limit agricultural export subsidies. Includes avoiding quotas and other restrictions by altering the country of origin of a product; measures taken by exporters to evade anti-dumping or ... [read more]

Cloud Computing

Delivery of on-demand computing resources—everything from applications to data centers—over the Internet on a pay-for-use basis. [read more]


A number to reduce tariff. Small coefficient results in steeper cut, while high coefficient results in lesser cut. Current proposal is coefficient of 8 for developed countries and options for developing countries that is 20, 22 and 25. [read more]

Competition Policy

The objective of competition policy is to ensure that competition in the market is not restricted in a way that might cause damages to society. The endorsement and implementation of competition policy and regulations that promote competition help ... [read more]


One of the most important operating principles of APEC cooperation that was defined clearly in the Seoul Declaration (1991). It is based on the “commitment to open dialogue and consensus-building, with equal respect for the views of all ... [read more]

Consumer Price Index

Measures the average rate of change in prices of a fixed basket of goods and services that represents the expenditure pattern of all households in Malaysia. [read more]