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Origional Equipment Manufacturer - An OEM is a company that makes a part or subsystems that is used in another company’s end product. OEM is a company whose products are used as components in the products of another company, referred to as the ... [read more]


Overall trade distorting - support comprises Amber Box (refer Amber Box), Blue Box (refer Blue Box) and De Minimis Subsidies (refer De Minis Subsidies). [read more]

Open Regionalism

An APEC theory which was adopted from the very beginning of the organization’s founding in 1989. The characteristics of open regionalism, expressed in a report by the Peterson Institute, are: 1) the maximum possible extent of unilateral ... [read more]

Open economy

An economy that allows the unrestricted flow of people, capital, goods and services across its borders [read more]


Domestic:  subsequent transportation beyond main carriage International:  transportation from the arrival pint on the buyer’s side [read more]


Used with terms that use all modes of transportation (truck, airplane, vessel, train) [read more]


When a few firms dominate a market. Often they can together behave as if they were a single monopoly, perhaps by forming a cartel. Or they may collude informally, by preferring gentle non-price competition to a bloody ... [read more]