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Preferential Certificate of Origin [read more]


Program Directors - are often of diplomatic rank and seconded to work at the Secretariat by member economies. Program directors undertake work in specific fields and cooperative projects of APEC, oversee activities of relevant working groups, ... [read more]


Perintah Duti Kastam – A Customs Duties Order that include import duties that shall be levied on, and paid by the importer, in respect of goods imported into Malaysia, at the full rates or tariff rate quota. The Customs Duties Order also ... [read more]


Packing Loan - An exporter who receives an LC may need a temporary working capital for purchasing of raw materials, overhead expenses and other expenses. In order to meet these requirements, the exporter may apply for Packing Loan secured against ... [read more]


Priority Integration Sectors - ASEAN identified 11 priority integration sectors which have roadmap, specific sector initiatives to mutually benefit ASEAN Member States. These sectors are agro-based products, air travel, automotive, e-ASEAN, ... [read more]


Product Specific Rules - Rules used to specify that the materials have undergone change in tariff classification or a specific manufacturing process. [read more]


Public Private Partnership - PPP refers to describe collaboration between the Government and private sector in projects undertaken. [read more]

Preferential Tariff

Tariff set at certain percentage between two countries which is more favourable with other countries. [read more]

Per capita GDP

A measure of the amount of money earned per person in a certain area. It can apply to the average per-person income for a city, region or country. Used to ascertain an area's wealth or lack of wealth of the country and to evaluate the living ... [read more]

Producer Price Index

Measures the changes in the price of commodities charged by domestic producers and those paid by importers for importing goods into Malaysia. The commodities originated from (i) Agriculture , Forestry and Logging & Fishing (ii) Mining & ... [read more]

Pre-carriage: inland transportation on the seller’s side

Domestic:  from the place where the shipment starts to any subsequent transportation carriage International:  from the place where the shipment starts to the departure point on the seller’s side [read more]

Professional services

Occupations in the tertiary sector of the economy requiring special training in the arts or sciences. Some professional services require holding professional licenses such as architects, auditors, engineers, doctors, accountants and ... [read more]

Preference Erosion

Countries which have been accorded preferential market access but loses this advantage as a result of overall tariff liberalization. For example African countries granted preferential tariff by EU for tropical fruits. [read more]

Pathfinder Approach / Pathfinder Initiative

An APEC approach which allows a group of members able to proceed more quickly on cooperative projects, to do so through cooperative pilot projects (known as ‘pathfinder initiatives’). Experiences generated from such pilot projects are ... [read more]